Storage and transshipment

Businesses are more frequently limiting their activities to the areas in which they excel, thereby excluding peripheral activities. Roona aims to become the complete logistics service provider for these companies.

To achieve this we have a 650m2 warehouse located at Magelhaenstraat 27 in Emmen. This heated area can be flexibly organised and is used for activities such as:

• Stripping of sea containers
• Order picking
• (Re-) packaging of goods
• Making goods ready for shipment
• Archive storage
• General storage of goods

op en overslag storage and warehousing Lagern und UmladenAs the cost of storage space continues to rise, businesses are constantly asking the question: do we want to spend capital on production space or storage space?
Storing your stock with us means having access that is almost as fast as if using your own warehouse.

The synergy of the various disciplines within our company can lead to attractive benefits for you. All under one roof, supervised by our compact team: from the sea container import from America via the transhipment to our warehouse per courier or truck to Germany.