Road transport

Europe map RoonaRoona International Forwarding Agents B.V. has access to an extensive network of highly professional carriers who each comply with ISO quality standards for road transport. This means that we are not solely dependent on our own vehicle capacity and are able to make a selection on your behalf from a variety of options. Your requirements relating to duration, loading/discharge times and price are therefore the determining factors.

Vrachtvervoer wegtransport roadhaulageFrom our offices in Emmen and Groningen we instruct the carriers to deliver your goods to the right place at the right time without delay.

Whether the transport of a pallet or complete trailer load is concerned: all consignments placed with us are in capable hands. In addition to this, we possess the expertise needed for arranging exceptional transport for you. We can inform you of the documentation required for the country concerned and if required we can also prepare inward and outward clearance for you.